Monday, 15 October 2012


Design is today a powerful differentiator that’s helping businesses create value and influence lives like never before.
Evolved beyond cosmetic beautification, strategic design has measurable impact and empowers engagement between a brand and its  stakeholders.

The Designomics Awards is India’s only Design recognition that celebrates business ideas that harness the power of design to deliver ROI. It recognizes visionary business leaders who have leveraged design thinking and creative processes to bring in change and drive results.

If you believe you’ve executed work that ’s delivered measurable ROI , here’s your chance to showcase your strategy and win a Designomics  Award.  
Part of  the World Brand Congress, the Designomics Awards is the first of its kind in India that not only appreciates Design, but also empowers, celebrates and elevates the businesses that adopt the power of Design to bring positive and lucrative results. The Designomics Awards will be presented on the basis of effectiveness and impact of design solutions to those enlightened businesses that took the forward step in incorporating strategic Design in their various important milestones of the business. 
Simply send in a case study of how you used effective design to drive business results. A reputed jury of leaders from the world of design as well as business are eager to see you win on the principles of Designomics.

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Last date for entries is 30th October, 2012.

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