Sunday, 14 October 2012


Designomics is based on the belief that on-strategy design can and must enable business objectives. And this has ever been more relevant than today. The proliferation of consumer generated content, opinion and sentiment pushes businesses to find innovative ways of engaging with a customer base that is spoiled for choice. 

Principles of superior design help by creating opportunities to drive visibility and and create opportunities for engagement across touch-points of the marketing value chain - Brand identity, Print & Digital communication, Retail experience, Packaging, Product design, Environment & Spatial experience, and in an ideal scenario, an integrated approach across all facets.

The potential that design holds to influence lives and the way businesses create value is rapidly gaining recognition. Businesses recognize the power of design to bring alive the core principles and philosophies they represent. And this articulation further empowers their brands to engage with audiences, creating  opportunities that go beyond siloed and predefined business boundaries. Indian businesses have come to also realize the value of holistic Design intervention to deliver ROI, and this merging of design principles and economic principles is at the very core of Designomics.

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